A Surrogacy Journey: story of 2 dads and Love Without Boundaries

A Surrogacy Journey: Insights, Challenges, and Celebrating Diverse Families

Join us on a heartfelt journey as we delve into this inspiring Q&A session with Mickaël and Nicolas, a couple who has embraced the extraordinary path of becoming parents through surrogacy. Their story is a testament to love & resilience. Discover the unique joys, challenges, and invaluable insights they share as they navigate the intricate journey of surrogacy. We’re hoping that by reading their wonderful story, other couples will be inspired to embark in their own journey to parenthood while being reminded that there are no limit to love. Get ready to be inspired and gain a deeper understanding of the boundless love that shapes their family.


As same-sex parents, what are some of the unique joys and challenges you have experienced in the journey of becoming parents through surrogacy?

Through this process, we met incredible people who wanted to help us, our surrogate, and her family. We built a unique bond that would not have happened otherwise. We sincerely appreciate our surrogate for helping us create our family. We’ve also been overwhelmed by the support from our family and friends throughout this journey.


However, this is not an easy journey; it is an emotional roller coaster as you deal with uncertainties, long waiting periods, and sometimes setbacks to overcome. At the same time, navigating these hurdles strengthened our commitment.

What advice would you give to other same-sex couples or LGBTQ+ individuals who are considering surrogacy as a way to start their own families?

Every journey is very personal and differs from one another. However, we recommend anyone who wants to explore surrogacy to gather as much information as possible to help make the decision that makes sense for them. There are a few organizations providing information curated for queer individuals. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions to other queer parents. There’s no such thing as a wrong question. We have friends who had already gone through the surrogacy journey before us. They helped us immensely as we were navigating through the complexity of this process.


How have you prepared for potential questions or curiosity from your child about their surrogacy story and having two dads?​

Our child has a unique story and family; we want her to be proud of it. As she grows up, we will have age-appropriate conversations with her so she can understand how she came into this world and know the important people in this process, a generous egg donor, a supportive surrogate, and 2 dads who loved her deeply, even before hearing her first heartbeat. There are great children’s books to help adults explain to children that families come in different shapes and forms and that having two dads is just one of the many beautiful ways families can be formed.

At Bébé Foodie we aim to provide families of all kinds with content that is relevant to them. In your journey as same-sex parents, what kind of parental resources or support would you like to see and would be helpful to you?

We think it’s essential to continue supporting and giving visibility to diverse families. It’s a fantastic opportunity for parents and prospective parents to learn and be inspired by others. Today we feel stronger, better prepared and equipped as parents because of the support we received and resources we found. We know that Bébé Foodie will be a very important part of this journey.

Thank you Mickaël and Nicolas for sharing your surrogate journey with us. We hope your story will inspire others and give them confidence to take the same path to parenthood. 


For anyone interested to learn more, Mickael and Nicolas share with us some organizations that were helpful to them throughout this process:


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