Best Baby Food Makers to make it easier

5 Best Baby Food Makers to make home cooking easier

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When becoming a new parent, you start a list of items to buy based on what you saw online, what friends told you to buy or what was recommended through your registry platform.

But then a question arises: which items do I really need?

And buying a Baby Food Maker is often one of these items that we wonder if we need or not. 


Let’s put it this way, if you are an advanced cooker who loves to make everything from scratch, or if you really despite cooking and would rather rely on quick easy recipes to feed your clan, then the answer is YES! You need it. 

Food makers are a great way of making the process of cooking home made meals for your baby quicker, easier, and more fun. 


So let’s deep dive into what you need to know before choosing the perfect baby food maker that is right for you and your family. 

Do I need a Baby Food Maker?

A few things to consider: 

  • How comfortable are you in the kitchen? Do you absolutely never peel, cut and cook anything? 
  • How well equipped are you in your kitchen? Which gadgets do you already own?
  • Would you perceive making homemade food for your baby a way to save some $$ and reduce environmental waste by buying less store-bought baby food items?
Just know this, even if you are not a super advanced cooker or prefer to buy pre-made food, having the flexibility of quickly putting together a meal for your little one is often a peace of mind. And process of making baby food is almost always the same: peel and cut, steam, puree or chop and serve. And a baby food maker does all that. 
If you already own a lot of equipments such as a food processor, a steamer and a blender; and you enjoy cooking, then you can most certainly continue to do it this way but consider the time saving option that a baby food maker would bring you.

How to choose the best baby food maker?

Between the one I own, to the one at my in law’s house or the ones that everyone recommends, I was able to make a selection to help you take a decision! Now let’s have a look! 


Why is it worth it?

See it as the Rolls Royce of the Baby Food Makers. Not only will it blends the food, it will also steam, defrost, cook… Basically all you need when making food for your little one… In one tool. You can also use the steamed water from the water reservoir (and filled with nutrients of the food you just cooked) to pour into your food before pureeing. It is also very compact which mean it won’t take space on your counter and can make up to 4.5 cups of food which will represents enough puree for the whole week.

To keep in mind

This Food Maker won’t be big enough to feed the whole family.


Why is it worth it?

Just like the Beaba Food maker, this jewel can cook, steam, blend and defrost but the + is that it can ALSO be used as a bottle warmer and sterilizer. In addition to this, it is equipped with two separate container that you can set for different time and cook multiple food at once. For example to steam zucchini and Salmon separately. 

To keep in mind

It takes more space on the counter but it should be considered if you have more than one child and want to combine tools into one.




Why is it worth it?

This one stop food maker is as easy as pressing a button, because it really all it requires, to press a button. And it will do the rest. It also comes with reusable baby pouches which can be very convenient for meals on the go! 

To keep in mind

While very compact, it will make smaller amount of food which can require more cooking during the week. 






Why is it worth it?

If your are looking for a tool that you can store in a drawer then this Immersion blender is made for you! It comes with a food processor attachement and will allow you to create smooth texture puree or chunkier one depending of the stage of your baby. 

To keep in mind

While immersive blender is such a sturdy tool and a pillar in every kitchen, keep in mind that this tool does not cook or steam your food. 





Why is it worth it?

Ok bear with me…This one is not a baby food maker but if you are into cooking, or at least want to prep food at home, then this is a must have in your kitchen! Instant Pot or any pressure cooker really will make your life so much easier to cook, slow cook, rice cook, boil, steam, sauté, sterilize, reheat…etc.. And the best part? You just set it up and go on with your life while it does its job. So you can basically cook and do bath time at once.

To keep in mind

This take more space in your kitchen and not as easy to use as a baby food maker but totally worth it if you want to cook for the whole fam. 




Baby Food storage ideas

So now that you’ve cooked all of these delicious food, you need a way to store them for the whole week. 

The best way to preserve your food for a while is to freeze it in individual portions to take one by one when needed. Here are the containers that I personally use: 


When Starting solids (1st month)

Baby will only eat a few spoons of puree so this tray with 1 ounce cubes will be perfect to start with: 

For bigger portions

Note that my son is two and I still use them today. I use the 2 ounces ones for fruit sauce and the bigger ones to store leftovers when he doesn’t finish his meal

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