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We understand that sometimes you need even more personalized information and support on your parenting journey. That’s why we offer one-on-one consultations with our team of experienced pediatric nutritionists & consultants. These consultations provide you with the opportunity to address your specific concerns and receive tailored guidance for your baby’s nutrition.

Jenny Janov

Pediatric Registered Dietitian

Jenny is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 15 years of experience. She studied nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and had special training in pediatrics. She worked in different hospital settings and clinics in California for over a decade, including UCSF and Stanford Medical Centers. Jenny is passionate about nutrition and helping families make positive changes. She works everyday with kids and families to address nutrition concerns and set obtainable goals. She takes pride in helping families reach a healthier understanding and approach to eating so that they reach their health goals. Jenny currently lives in Bend, OR where she enjoys the outdoors, running, snowboarding, paddle boarding, cooking and spending time with her husband and two little boys.

Angéline Galinier-Warrain

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach

Angeline is a Health and Nutrition Coach, certified both in the USA and in France. Angeline moved from Paris to New York City 2 years ago with her 3 children and husband. Nutrition has always been very important to her and even more after the birth of her first child. All 3 of her children were born with food allergies which has made daily life hard to manage, that’s why in 2020 she decided to become a nutrition coach, specialized in food allergies and  she is able to answer all your family needs. Her mission is to empower parents of children with food allergies and intolerances and help them and their children thrive in everyday life.  Bonus – she also built a program designed to help parents choose healthy foods and beverages at home or when eating out.

Lucie Thome

Certified Baby Nutrition Consultant

Lucie is a French-American mom of two and is dedicated to empowering parents with the knowledge and tools they need to introduce solid foods to their babies. With a passion for food, Lucie’s journey into baby nutrition began when her son, Hugo, started growing up and she had questions about his dietary needs. Realizing that many other parents faced similar concerns, Lucie left her Marketing job and became a certified nutrition consultant before establishing Bébé Foodie to provide a comprehensive resource for baby nutrition. Her mission is to make the process of introducing solid foods a joyful and stress-free experience for both parents and babies. 

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