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Guide 1

Introducing Solid Foods to Babies

So what exactly is the introduction of solid foods (or “diversification alimentaire”)? It is that time when parents or caregivers start offering other types of foods than milk (breastmilk or formula) to babies.

Guide 2

When to Start a Baby on Solid Food?

We could almost bet that parents with a baby between 4-6 months asked Google or their friends or family the question: When Can My Baby Start Eating Solid Foods?! 

Guide 3

Parent-led Weaning or Baby-led Weaning?

The Spoon-feeding or Parent-led weaning method and the Baby-led weaning method.

Guide 4

Which Foods First for a Baby?

Until yesterday… bébé was only drinking milk, that was easy enough to follow. And not too much to think about. With the introduction of solid foods it’s a whole new world for you, and your baby: new tastes, new textures, all sorts of shapes and colors!

Guide 5

How Often and How Much Should I Feed My Baby?

Because we never say it enough, every baby is different and their appetite will vary depending on their age, and also on their level of fatigue, mood, health or more. Pretty much like how our appetites vary from day to day.

Guide 6

How To Keep a Baby Safe While Eating

Safety at the table is one of the biggest concerns for parents and is often the reason why they are afraid to start their babies on finger foods. Knowing the basics for safe and baby-friendly solid food introduction will ensure a relaxed experience for everyone!

Guide 7

Food Allergies and Sensitivities in Babies

When it comes to introducing top allergenic foods to babies, there are a few things to know before you get started.

Guide 8

Autonomy and Table Manners for Babies

Mealtime is a learning process – discovering foods your baby can eat, teaching them to be curious and adventurous when it comes to food.

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