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Our story so far

Lucie, Founder @ Bébé Foodie Baby nutrition expert, cooking enthusiast and French-American mother on a mission to help raise happy eaters, always keeping parents wellbeing in mind.


Solid food,

solid fun

I’m Lucie and welcome to Bébé Foodie. We provide parents with the tools to introduce solid foods to their baby, focusing on nutrition, education but mostly fun, with a sprinkle of French touch! 


In a love affair with

good food

Our founder Lucie has always been passionate about food. Cooking, discovering new flavors, adapting recipes, experimenting with ingredients… and always finding inspiration in her French heritage.


Across continents,

& cultures

In 2011, Lucie met her now husband, a French-American who persuaded her to leave France and come live with him in New York City. For over 10 years, she has been passionate about discovering American food culture, how it’s different from French food culture and how to combine the best of both worlds.


Welcome to


Then Hugo came along. At six months, he showed an interest in the food his parents were eating. Babies this age explore everything with their mouths! For Lucie, the start of this fabulous adventure brought with it heaps, and heaps of questions…

So many, many fresh questions

“Is he ready for meat?”

“What should be the ratio of milk to solid food for his age?”

“Spoon-feeding or baby-led?”

“How can I teach table manners without it being an obsession?”

“Why do I feel like I spend my life googling and cooking?”

And Bébé Foodie was born

Just good advice – 

No stress, no fuss

Today Lucie shares her passion and expertise with other parents — in a fun, light and easy way. After a decade in marketing, Lucie trained as a Certified Nutrition Consultant. For Lucie, it’s always been about balance, options, and what truly works for each parent. 

Values we cherish


Keep it simple

We bring your baby everything that’s nutritious and satisfying. So you don’t have to spend countless hours in the kitchen, or read every baby book — especially after a sleepless night or hectic morning.


Perfectly imperfect, with a hint of humor!

We’re all about finding fun and pleasure in the joy of food and mealtimes. Ditch the guilt. There’s so much pressure to do things right, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out — and that’s perfectly ok!


That French twist

French would say that food is one of life’s greatest shared pleasure. C’est vrai! Bébé Foodie it is also a  sprinkle of French staples and French pragmatism added to your mealtimes.

A friendly guide for every parent that fits your life

All together now… Bon Appetit!

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