The World’s Easiest Recipe for Babies

The World’s Easiest Recipe for Babies

There are a few recipes that travel the world, and across generations. They’re a pillar in every parent’s kitchen. Easy to prepare on a small budget, and perfect for those nights when a baby needs food but all you really need is the kid(s) in bed, a glass of wine and the comfort of your sofa. Those nights you can pull the magic card, or two magic ingredients out of your fridge/pantry and in a few minutes, your baby has a satisfying and tasty meal for dinner! 

What’s great about this recipe

  • Can be adapted depending on the age, food restriction or intolerance, baby-led or spoon-fed… 
  • Babies generally love it, it’s tasty, filling and easy to eat

Ingredients for 1 portion

  • 2 tbsp of “semoule” (I’ll explain in a minute) 
  • 5 oz liquid

Easy semolina porridge for babies

Let’s deep dive: 

“Semoule” in French, or semolina in English, usually refers to the coarse wheat middlings of durum wheat (you’d probably recognise the ingredient in couscous, pasta, sweet puddings, cakes). This porridge recipe works well with polenta too, which is made of cornmeal and more common in Italy. Or you could work with spelt, kamut, rice… every country and culture has their preference which is why this recipe is so adaptable. 


Here are the steps for this recipe, it won’t take you longer than 5 minutes to put together: 


  1. Warm the liquid of your choice over low heat. I like to use milk (any kind works) but you can also use a broth or plain water. If using water, it might lack a bit of taste so I encourage you to add some seasoning such as dry herbs and a bit of olive oil. 
  2. Once boiling (light boil), sprinkle in the “semoule” of your choice, stirring continuously until the mix gets thicker and thicker. 
  3. Optional: when using polenta I often add a little bit of parmesan to the mixture which my son loves! 
  4. Now you have the choice! You can either serve it with a spoon OR you can put the preparation in small containers such as an ice cube tray or form a 1’’ layer (approximately) at the bottom of a mold and let it rest in the fridge for 20-30 mins. Now this is perfect to serve as finger food and soft enough for baby-led weaning! 
  5. Feel free to accompany this dish with some veggies or fruits or even a little dipping sauce, sweet or savory, you choose! 


Didn’t I say it was easy? Bon appétit!

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