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Starting solids is such an exciting milestone in your baby’s life! However, it can be a confusing time for parents that is filled with uncertainty and seemingly limitless questions about how and when to take this step. 

The first 24 months can have a profound impact on a child’s eating habits in the future and you have the incredible opportunity to help ensure that your baby establishes a strong start right from the beginning. I can assist you in finding an approach that feels right for you and your baby!

Whether your baby is discovering solids, you are struggling with this transition, or you want options and flexibility and are looking for personalized guidance.

I am here for you!

1H Consultation $140

1st one is $105 (25% OFF)*
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*Includes: 1h30 mins consultation, initial contact, personal assessment and plan based on specific needs.

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Getting started

I’ll offer clear information on how to introduce age-appropriate foods for your baby that will both support their growth and development and provide you with the right tools & options to make it easy as a breeze!


Food sensitivities & eczema

I’ll also support you in navigating any challenges that arise along the way, such as allergies, food sensitivities, eczema, or constipation.


On-going support

I love supporting parents to make empowered and educated decisions about how they nourish their little ones, so that mealtimes can be an enjoyable experience for everyone

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