3 Tips When Serving a Festive Meal for Baby (so everyone has a good time)

3 Tips When Serving a Festive Meal for Baby (so everyone has a good time)

This can be for any festive moment: holiday lunch or dinner, Thanksgiving, a birthday, or any lengthy family meal really. In France, it’s pretty common to spend time at the table on Sundays with the family. But this can be difficult to manage with a baby! 

Bébé Foodie’s 3 tips on serving a festive meal for a baby

  1. Timing is key. If you start the meal at 2pm or if the brunch reservation with your friends “sans-bébé” is not until way past baby’s mealtime, chances are you might have to deal with a cranky baby. Try to stick as much as possible to your baby’s schedule and if not possible, then plan for a “pre-meal” and toys to occupy the baby while you eat. Or maybe serve the meal at a normal time and dessert to enjoy with everyone else. 
  2. Choose familiar foods. For the meal to be enjoyable for all, make sure your baby enjoys what’s on the plate. No time for experimentation! It helps when everything is familiar and appreciated. This will avoid lots of crying or a frustrated baby, hungry and very unhappy. Remember that it’s probably a little overwhelming for your little one to be in the midst of noise and people. It’s important that they find comfort in their plate and with mommy or daddy obviously! 
  3. As I always say, let go of the pressure! This kind of meal is most likely not an everyday thing, you’re most likely celebrating something or enjoying a friendly social gathering or family moment. You’re probably indulging in more food than you usually allow yourself to. It is ALSO not an everyday event for your baby and they too can indulge a bit. So maybe the plate won’t really be super balanced, maybe there will be way too many proteins, salt, or the oh-so feared SUGAR! But hey, as long as everything is in a moderate quantity (to avoid a sick baby which is a totally different issue and something we want to avoid at all costs) let go a bit and enjoy this moment with your precious mini-me. This is more true for older babies, usually after 1 year of age, when they’re more conscious of what they like and what they don’t and will tend to go for sweet or salty food on the table. 

So relax, kick back, enjoy the good food, and the good company!

Bon appétit! 


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